The Best Well Pressure Tanks

Don’t you just hate it when you are in the middle of showering then suddenly the water goes out? Or you are right in the middle of washing your clothes and then bam, no water! These are just some of the awkward situations that come to mind. The point is, water flow interruption is unavoidable. You can’t control that. But, you can prepare for it though. By using a well pressure tank, you can save enough water to finish what you are doing. The problem is, there are actually a lot of them in the market. So the dilemma now is, as a consumer, it is naturally our job to get the best one. So which ones are considered the best well pressure tanks on the market today? Keep reading to find out.

WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

One of the most reliable well tanks today is the WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well Tank. This unique vertical tank will allow you to save a lot of space wherever you decide to place because of its vertical nature. That’s one thing going for this well tank. But aside from that, this well tank features a butyl diaphragm that will separate air from water. That design actually ensures that the tank is resistant of bacteria because of the absence of air.

It has a capacity of 20 gallons which is the ideal capacity for a moderately sized home. What’s more, it is designed to meet the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation, which makes it a very safe well tank to use. Apart from that, it uses a polypropylene liner that will not flake, chip, crack or peel. This is very important because it means it doesn’t add taste and odor to the water. Overall, these are the qualities you should be looking for in a well pressure tank.


  • Won’t add flavor or odor to the water
  • Space saver
  • Decent capacity
  • National Sanitation Foundation approved
  • Budget friendly


  • Some units have issues about keeping the pressure

Amtrol WX-203 Well-X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank

The Amtrol WX-203 Well-X-Trol Stand Well Water Tank is another reliable vertical type well pressure tank. What makes it very good is that it will actually last a lifetime. In fact, most units from Amtrol are known to last for around 30 years. In terms of life span, that is pretty long, especially for a budget friendly water tank. And as you can see, it is a vertical type tank. That means you won’t have to worry about not having enough space to place it. This is the value of having a vertical type tank.

But what makes this tank a very good choice aside from its durability is it is very easy to setup. Plus, it uses a steel system connection that will be able to withstand aggressive water pressure. It also boasts of a unique positive hoop ring seal that will secure the diaphragm and liner. This makes it a stronger and more reliable water tank than most on the market today. Lastly, it has deep drawn steel domes that has twice as much strength as rolled steel, while still minimizing its weight, making it easier for you to carry around or transfer to a different location. All in all, it is one of the best well pressure tanks today in terms of durability and value for money.


  • Very durable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can withstand high water pressure
  • Not too heavy
  • Easy to setup


  • Customer service from Amtrol isn’t as great as it should be

Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank

Last on our list is another vertical well pressure tank (no surprise there!). As you can see, we really favor vertical-type tanks (so should you!). That’s because it offers a small footprint, which makes it very easy to store and move around. The Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank comes pre-charged with 40 psi. That ensures that water will be able to reach any part of your house without any problems. Aside from that, this tank has a more than decent capacity of 35 gallons. That should be enough t supply your home until the water supply comes back on.

But what makes it a more ideal choice than most tanks on the market today is that it is made of heavy gauge steel metal. That means you are guaranteed that this tank will last a long time. To add to that, it has an electrostatically applied finish that will help prevent rusting or corrosion. Overall, it is a very reliable and durable tank, albeit a slightly heavier one than the other two on this list.


  • Very durable
  • Small footprint
  • Has an excellent pre-charged pressure
  • Uses a replaceable air/water separator


  • Heavier than the other tanks on this list


When you are in the market for a well pressure tank, we recommend that you get a vertical-type one. As you can see, all three on this list are exactly just that. There’s really a lot of value in tanks that don’t take up too much space. Other factors you need to be in the lookout for are the longevity and its capability not to add any flavor or odor to the water being stored.